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Keywords have become more and more critical to search engine and pay per click positioning.

Search engines "read" and index the words on your web page. The art of choosing the correct keywords for your site and then designing web pages around those keywords is crucial to your success.

It is also critical to get your keyword research right for the Pay Per Click Advertisers like Google AdWords and Yahoo Search.

Keywords or Keyword phrases are real terms that real people use every day to look for the things they want. If you want to attract people to your website, affiliate program or store, you must focus on what your prospects want - and they tell you exactly what they want with keywords.

Keyword research is about:

  1. Pulling all of the terms that searchers have used.

  2. Organizing them properly: how many searches versus how many websites.

  3. Choosing the keywords with the highest demand to lowest supply

  4. Analyzing your top competitors on the search engines for the keywords you have chosen to see how well they are optimized for each keyword.

  5. Optimizing your web pages exactly around those keywords in a way that will beat your competition.


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