Scientific Advertising



This book about advertising is my personal gift to you.     
     Scientific Advertising was written back in 1933 by one of 
the greatest copywriters who ever lived, Claude Hopkins.
     This man earned $150,000 a year in the middle of the great 
depression. Back then you could buy a new Rolls Royce for $3,000. Today, that would be the equivalent to earning $4,500,000 a year.
     Claude Hopkins was considered the barbarian of advertising.  A 
ruthless writer whose ads contained copy that went straight for the 
throat.  His ads moved people to buy.  That is the one and only way 
to measure if an ad is good or not.
     Claude was also pretty cheap.  He never spent more than $6 on 
a pair of shoes.  Through his frugality he pioneered the idea of 
testing your ads.  He was also a work-a-holic which for our sake it 
was a blessing, because he researched and learned so much in one 
lifetime.  That he wrote so much of it down, barely a year before 
he died, has proven to be a blessing to many people alive today.  I 
know of no other book which is praised by so many millionaires as 
having been a key factor in their success. 
     Poor Claude was more than a little bitter toward the end of 
his days.  He had turned most of his clients into millionaires by 
using his talents.  But even though he had made a fortune himself, 
he felt cheated.
     It was his own fault.  He lacked the courage to try going it 
on his own.  He decided too late to go into business for himself.  
He started marketing his own products and they were selling well 
just as he passed away.
     He lamented the fact that he had lacked the courage to go out 
and seek fame and fortune on his own.  If he had done it sooner, I 
have no doubt that he would have been one of the richest men who 
ever lived.
     If you absorb the information in this book and put it to use 
it will make you rich.
     Scientific Advertising is the most in depth study in human 
nature and how to profit from it that you'll ever find.
     Times change - human nature doesn't.  Here we are in the age 
of Cyberspace, satellite communications and interactive TV and 
human beings behave just as they did back in the 1920's.  It hasn't 
changed since the days of ancient Rome.  People are people and 
I'll guarantee you 100% that over the next 10,000 years human 
nature will not vary one iota.
     Millionaires have said, "This one book will teach you 
everything you need to know to make a fortune".  I've read it 
cover to cover.   They were right!
     Read this book and extract two powerful lessons from it.  One 
absorb the genius of this man and... Learn not to lack the courage 
to go forth and reap the fruits of your knowledge.  Learn to act on 
what I give you.  Fear not, if you screw up (which you will) it 
may smart a little but no one is going to machine gun you to death.
     I sincerely hope this book helps you make money. 
Read this book through at least twice.  Each time you'll 
stretch your mind and see new possibilities.  Then for the next six 
months re-read it at least once a month.  As your mind expands 
you'll learn and see new things each time through.
Happy Profiteering! from
Index of Chapters:
1-  How Advertising Laws are Established
2-  Just Salesmanship
3-  Offer Service
4- Mail Order Advertising - What it Teaches
5- Headlines
6-  Psychology
7- Being Specific
8-  Tell Your Full Story
9- Art in Advertising
10- Things Too Costly
11- Information
12- Strategy
13- Use of Samples
14- Getting Distribution
15- Test Campaigns
16- Leaning on Dealers
17- Individuality
18- Negative Advertising
19- Letter Writing
20- A Name that Helps
21- Good Business 



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