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Virtual Office Assistant

Most of us have worked for someone else in our lifetime. But once you have had a taste of working for yourself, such as a virtual office assistant,  you’ll never want to work for anyone again.  Of course, it is important to keep in mind that working for yourself does require some sales skills as you need to sell "yourself"!

Personal Development

Being your own Virtual Assistant (VA) is an opportunity for personal development.  It will allow you to have flexibility with your schedule, determine your own space and establish  your own identity.  You will never want to be someone else’s employee again.  Concentrate on developing your special skill and market it to the world.  Be in control of your own destiny ! 

Advantages of Virtual Office

  • No need for client to purchase additional office or computer equipment
  • Work only when needed
  • No need to pay insurance, vacation, sick leave
  • Pay only for projects as needed (seasonal or otherwise)

Virtual Assistants can be very important to small businesses. How much time are you wasting just answering routine questions, bookkeeping, filling out tax information, etc?  The client’s time is valuable and this is when the VA can step in to assist with the tasks that bog them down.

Office Equipment for Business Startup

  • Computer and Printer
    (connection to Internet with e-mail)
  • Fax
  • Phone (voicemail is more professional than an answering machine)
  • Copier (optional)


Virtual Office System Setup

  • Have a website designed .
    (a must for marketing on the internet)
  • Business license may be required. 
    (Check with your City requirements)
  • Be sure you have a professional message on the voicemail.
  • Be sure you have latest computer software
    (e.g., Microsoft Office, includes: Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Publisher)
  • Join Local Chamber of Commerce and any other organizations
    (such as a lead generating organization), that would benefit your business.
  • Use your “sphere of influence” to market your business:
        a) Startup companies
        b) Fast growth companies that are sub-contracting
        c) Independent business people
            (e.g., real estate, salespeople, attorneys, etc.) 

Examples of virtual services that can be offered:

  1. Transcription services
      (i.e., film/video production companies, law offices)
  2. Desktop publishing
  3. Internet Research and Marketing
  4. E-mail marketing
  5. Event Planning
  6. Data Entry
  7. Telemarketing
  8. Word Processing
  9. Editing/Proofreading
  10. Resume Writing
  11. Spreadsheets
  12. Invoicing
  13. Bookkeeping
  14. Project Management

Virtual Office - Beneficial LINKS:
(International Association of Virtual Office Assistants) 
(Virtual Office University for training)


Payment for Services

It would be beneficial to have a Merchant Account so that you can accept credit cards.  An alternative is to open a PayPal Account or another 3rd party company that will process the credit card for you, take their commission, and then deposit in your account the difference.  See the "Home Business eBook" in another section of this site for more information.


Virtual Office Solution - Example

I had a client that wanted telemarketing and appointments setup for obtaining “new” business. So I was hired to conduct all this from my home, (his business was 150 miles away). An email address was setup to be used from my home computer. Also a voicemail was setup at my client’s office so that I was able to check messages during OR after hours from prospective business that I was pursuing. All of this was conducted “long distance”.  The prospecting that I was doing for my client was never revealed that I was calling from my home and not the actual business office.   

Also, another example is doing transcriptions for clients. The clients would send the audio tapes (or even video tapes) to me via FedEx. I would complete the work within a day or two and return it via FedEx or other overnight carrier.

Good Luck!

Geri Jamison
Jamison & Associates



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